I’m Back

After abandoning this site for a few years in favour of that oh so charismatic social media beast, I have decided to do some updating here too.

Look for updates over the next few days/weeks including fresh new photos/videos/bios/info+++

DBE never went away, we just ignored our url for a while…we’re sorry.

Well, we’ve put the podcast on hiatus to give us more time to focus on music production, but we are still running events…including our next one coming sometime in April/May once some details get confirmed.





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DBE News and Reviews Episode 37

Wow, the response to episode’s 35 (or 2-year anniversary) and 36 has been great! It is so encouraging to do something because you love it, and to have it appreciated by others. It just makes us want to do better things with the podcast in future episodes.

Unfortunately, with Episode 37 we ran into a few technical glitches – first recording problems with my Mac, then my PC (which I was using to edit or XML file for the podcast RSS feed decided to die. (And wouldn’t you know, I had everything backed up except for my podcast folder.)

Well, in spite of these things, we managed to get the podcast together and upload it for your listening pleasure. Look for a special edition of “Original vs. Remix” on this episode!

You can download the podcast directly here:
DBE News and Reviews 37

or visit the podcast page.

Also, don’t forget to check out my latest mix – Ragga Mix Round 2 – if you haven’t done so already!

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DBE News and Reviews Episode 36

We are finally back with another episode. This time it was Dexy’s computer that was slowing us down. He had to rescue his music collection (including the tunes for this episode) from his failed hard drive.

But, if you give this one a listen you won’t be disappointed. We have lots of news and lots of tunes ready for you.

This episode features news about Sub Focus, Neosignal, Redco, Alley Kat/Kokeshi, Alix Perez, Digital Soundboy/DJ Fresh, and NC17.

We also feature tunes from Matrix, Commix, Rufige Kru, Big Bud, Drumsound and Bassline Smith, and more.

At the end we talk about Toronto, including the Toronto Drum and Bass Awards, Freakout, the Stride Recordings Debut Release Party, and more!

For more info visit dbetoronto.com

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Two Years and 35 Episodes Later

TORONTO, ON (August 13, 2009) – DBE News and Reviews: A Podcast Where We Talk About Dnb is celebrating its two-year anniversary by releasing its 35th episode. Since starting the podcast in 2007, hosts Dexy G and Jocelyn Dee have completed 35 episodes; reviewed over 350 dnb tunes; discussed countless dnb artists, albums, and events; and made some great friends along the way.

But although they are proud of what they have done so far, they still strive to do better in the future. For instance, Episode 35 features a special guest reviewer inside the studio – Dustin Kapulet of the Canadian Content Dnb podcast (ccdnb.com) who presents a special segment of Canadian dnb for review.

 If you are not familiar with DBE News and Reviews, it is different than many other dnb podcasts because it follows a talk radio format. However, instead of talking about sports or Hollywood gossip, hosts (and dnb-enthusiasts) Dexy G and Jocelyn Dee talk about drum and bass.

 If you have dnb-related news that you would like them to discuss, news releases that you would like them to preview and review, upcoming events that you would like to announce, or anything else related to dnb that you want to promote, DBE NEWS AND REVIEWS WANTS TO HEAR FROM YOU!

 Send in your press releases or promo material to the e-mail address below. There is also a Soundcloud drop box on DBE’s website. Any material featured in DBE News and Reviews is also highlighted in the press release which accompanies each episode.

 If you want to join us Dexy G and Jocelyn Dee in the studio as a guest reviewer, or have ideas to share about how you think we could make the podcast better, DBE NEWS AND REVIEWS WANTS TO HEAR FROM YOU! It’s been a great two years, and the future looks even better.

To listen to any of the archived episodes or subscribe to the podcast, below is the link for the podcast’s feed (put this url into your RSS reader’s subscribe window):


 Click here to download Episode 35 directly:


 The podcast is on iTunes so you can also subscribe via the iTunes store!


 For more information:


info (at) dbetoronto.com



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DBE News and Reviews Episode 35 Coming Soon!

DBE News and Reviews Episode 35 has been recorded featuring a guest segment of Canadian dnb to review presented by our guest host Dustin Kapulet. I am editing tonight and it should be ready for download by tommorrow. This episode also marks our 2nd anniversary of doing the ‘cast.

Check back soon!

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DBE News and Reviews Episode 34

Episode 34 was recorded July 5, 2009. As always, Dexy G and I are talking about drum and bass music, playing and reviewing dnb tunes, and discussing the Toronto dnb scene.

This episode features news about Michael Jackson, CIA Records, Ohm Resistance Records, Obliterati Records, Twisted Individual and Alix Perez.

We also review tunes by Chris sU vs. Bjork, EZ Rollers,Deadmau5, Madmen and Poets, B Complex and have a special surprise track at the end of the show.

We also talk about some upcoming Toronto events at the end of the show including the Legend party in Kitchener, the Cutting Edge Music Festival and more!

If you have any dnb news you want us to talk about or any dnb tunes you want us to review please do not hesitate to contact us.

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DBE Podcast 33

We did episode 33 a little while ago but I never put up a post about it to let everybody know.  Many folks have already downloaded it (since you are subscribed to the feed). But if you don’t have it already you can download it at DBE Podcast 33

Episode 33 was recorded June 7, 2009 (even though I was still recovering from too much fun the night before). It features news about Chase and Status, Fabriclive feat. LTJ Bukem, Morphy, RCola and more!

We also play and review tunes from Jakes and TC, Marcus Visionary feat. Johnny Osbourne, Bad Company, Sardi, Sobersoul, Dr. Meaker, Dirty Phonics and more.

At the end, we talk about some upcoming Toronto dnb events including Ganjasmile on June 13, Theory’s Canada Day jam, Destiny and Projek:Circa, and more.

Thanks for listening.

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New Podcast – Episode 32

That’s right – we have a brand new episode ready for download: DBE News and Reviews Episode 32, recorded May 10, 2009.

This episode features news about Ed Rush and Optical, Survival, Pendulum, Rufige Crew, DJ Vengence, Influenza Ltd. and more.

We also play and review tunes from High Contrast, Jakes, Shimon vs. Matrix, Er.ic, Morphteck, Ed Rush and Optical, Cabbie, Calibre, Original Sin, and Lomax.

At the end, we talk about some upcoming Toronto dnb events including Ganjasmile on June 13, Sound Solidier Fridays feat. Jocelyn Dee on May 15, Theory’s long weekend jam, and Futuresound’s monthly event.

DBE News and Reviews Podcast 32

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Hello from DBE

Drum Bass Entertianment is a collaborative project by people who love drum and bass music. We are based in Toronto, but we love dnb from around the world. Members include MC Dexy G and DJs Jocelyn Dee and SP.

We promote dnb music events in Toronto and also host a regular podcast discussing new dnb tunes and news from the world of drum and bass. We also discuss our local, Toronto dnb music scene.

This site is still under construction, but check back soon for more information about our podcast, photos from past events and news about upcoming events.

In the meantime, please vitsit Jocelyndee.com for more information.

Thanks for stopping by.

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