Artist Bios

The following artists are regular performers at DBE events:

DJ Jocelyn Dee

jdgreensmallJocelyn Dee is a toronto-based DJ, producer, podcaster, and music journalist. She has written many articles discussing electronic music and profiling local and international talent. Some of her portfolio of past articles are online; Drum Bass Entertainment (DBE); DBE News and Reviews: A podcast where we talk about dnb; Sound Soldier Fridays; Bassline Magazine

You can catch Jocelyn Dee spinning on rotation at Sound Soldier Fridays (Yauca’s – 1173 Dundast St. W., Toronto)! You can also tune in to and listen to studio and live sets and Jocelyn’s own original tunes, which are updated regularly. Jocelyn Dee is also part of a toronto-based promotion company called Drum Bass Entertainment (DBE). Visit for more info. You can also catch the bi-weekly DBE News and Reviews podcast!

In her 10+ years playing professionally, she has graced the decks of clubs throughout Toronto, Ottawa, Cambridge, Montreal, Vancouver and the USA.

She has also played at many underground events, loft parties and music festivals, including the Om Festival, Big Foot and The World Electronic Music Festival. She is no stranger to the radio with past appearances on two of Toronto’s key underground radio stations: 88.1 FM CKLN and 89.5 FM CIUT. While living in Ottawa, she co-hosted 2 radio shows on Ottawa’s 93.1 FM CKCU.

MC Dexy G

dexyg1Dexy G was first drawn to electronic music back in ‘91. He had a few friends that were going to raves, and Although raves intrigued him, he never really had the desire to go. But this all changed a few years later in the summer of ’94 when he heard jungle for the first time. It was in the form of tape of Kenny Ken live tape at Syrous’ legendary Judgment Day rave. “I loved the sound of this new music, so I had no choice but to attend a rave and hear it live,” he says, and on October 8th 1994 he went to a rave by Syrous and Pleasure Force called Renegades.

Fast forward to ’98. After attending a SHIT LOAD of parties, he decided to throw his own! Alongside his best friend Chris Gorski, he founded a promotion company called Ganja Smile.  Ganja Smile events were predominantly theme parties, such as their “All Scratched up” events featuring an entire lineup of dnb scratch DJS, their MC Battle event featuring 20+ MCS, and their old school event, just to name a few.

Ganjasmile events consistently drew strong crowds (often over 1,000 people), and featured A-list international talent including: Marvelous Cain, the Congo Natty Crew, the Knowledge & Wisdom Crew and John B. The last Ganja Smile raves was in 2003, however, since then Dexy G has thrown a few parties here and there under different names.

Around the same time he started Ganja Smile, Dexy G also started as a DJ – MCing soon followed. “It was a natural progression for me to pick up a Mic and move from DJing to MCing because after giving MCing a try I felt it was the only way I could fully express myself,”he says.

Over the years Dexy G has MCed for countless local and international DJs at raves and club nights throughout Toronto, including: Sound Emporium, Big Bop, Bar 254, Opera House, and The Docks, just to name a few, in addition to out of town gigs in Montreal, Peterborough, and other towns. He has also MCed on the radio and at underground events and festivals, such as the World Electronic Music Festival.

In the past, he did much work with DJs Queensyze and Code Blue (Tune Inc. Recordings), until ‘04, when they moved to Vancouver. He now MCs predominantly for KevSolo (Brand X), Jocelyn Dee ( Soldier/DBE) and CaTashtrophe (DF entertainment).

At the moment, look for Dexy G MCing at events around Toronto. But, watch out for big things to come in 2009!